The Fans!

My name is Chris Jackson and I doodle ridiculously cute dogs with awkwardly big heads.

Aaron Kaufman started Charity Pups in 2013 after discovering his superhero power of doodling dogs. That started with a friend's birthday card.

In 2014, Charitypups made it into Good Housekeeping magazine's holiday gift issue, which launched it to new unbelievable heights. In 2016, I joined the team as a second illustrator to help keep up with demand.

In 2018 we decided to take a break form Charitypups and close shop, but after a few months I realized I missed it and asked if I could take over.

The stories people would share about their pets, as happy or as heartbreaking as they were showed just an amazing amount of genuine love they had for them. What a privilege to be a part of your pet's life— even for a moment.